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everyone who's ever played with flywheel live and studio

Alex Easton

Co-wrote and sang ‘Let’s Stay In’ from the album WWRTB. Was in 2 great bands from the 90’s – Shagpile and Ruff Buff. Lives on a farm in W.A.

Alice Caffarel

Sang backing vocals on ‘Opportunities’ from the album WWRTB. Co-wrote lyrics on ‘Celebrity Hairdresser’ from the same album. She’s a linguist and French to-boot!


Woofed and howled on ‘Buster’ from the album MCM. She’s an old girl with a gammy leg and a heart of gold.

Ben Porteous

Played guitar in Flywheel for 2 years. He appears on both WWRTB and MCM. Apart from being a great guitarist, his Dad’s name is Shane, and his nick name is SOS.

Brendon Smyly

Played saxophone live with us at the Big Day Out in ’99. Likes yoga and used to drive a foreign car, the likes of which I have not seen before or since.

Carla Bruce-Lee

Sang backing vocals on ‘Hit the Nail’ from WWRTB. Also contributed lyrics to ‘Minimum Amount of Fuss’ from MCM. Member of Ashtray Boy. Once Carla Bruce, she married Randall Lee, and became a Bruce-Lee.

Evy Ruys

Sang backing vocals on ‘Super Roadie’ from the Duck Tape. Played in the great Australian band Shagpile. An old mate of Harrys.

Gavin Butler

Founding member of Flywheel. Plays bass and choreographs the guys dance moves. Played in The Cannanes and Guthugga Pipeline before Flywheel. Claims to know A LOT.

Greg Wadley

Mastered the last 2 Flywheel albums. Currently playing drums with Flywheel.
Live mixer, engineer and master man extraordinaire. New Waver, Solids and Hi God People are just a few of the bands he does and has played with.


Woofed on ‘Buster’ from the album MCM. Also appears on Ruff Buff album and Deep Country’s “Cautionary Tales For Girls”. Currently available for bookings.

Ian Wadley

Played bass on ‘Kid Gloves’ from MCM. Also helped engineer and mix said album. Plays with Melbourne bands Minimum Chips and Bird Blobs. Brother of Greg. Also known as Scraps.

Ivor Moulds

Founding member of Flywheel. Played drums from 1993 until 2000. Another ex-member of The Cannanes. Eternally cheery, has ginger hair.

James Dutton

Founding member of Flywheel. Plays guitar and sings. Spent 5 years at Channel 7 TV Sydney moving around heavy objects. Now moves around bits of cardboard in Melbourne. Lighter work, no TV stars.

Malcolm MacDonald

Played keyboards on ‘Wit Of the Staircase’ from WWRTB. A lawyer currently working in London. Hates social injustice, loves a nice pudding with custard. Good at sports.

Michael Nichols

Co-wrote ‘Wit of The Staircase’ from WWRTB, and ‘Rod Stewart’ and ‘Super Roadie’ from DOTS. Played with James and Neal in Safety Valve before he left and they changed the name to Flywheel. Also played in Ruff Buff and Crabstick. Likes bird watching.

Miranda Picton-Warlow

Sang on ‘Kid Gloves’ and ‘Not Enough’ from MCM. Currently playing keyboards with Flywheel. Member of Melbourne band Deep Country. A ginger by choice, she is striving for excellence in tomato growing.

Michio Kawada

Played guitar and bass when Flywheel played in Tokyo in 2001. Member of Tokyo band Smiley. A generous host, likes Coopers beer, smokes too much.

Neal Wallace

Founding member of Flywheel. Gave the band their name and let them practice in his lounge room in Chippendale. Played guitar and drums and takes lots of photos of famous people, among other subjects.

Paul Sloan

Played drums on ‘Kid Gloves’ and sang on ‘Harry Irene’ from the album MCM. An artist currently living in Adelaide, he did the artwork for MCM. Used to play in a Serge Gainsbourg cover band with a singer who couldn’t speak French by the name of Tim.

Pete McMillan

Played trumpet on ‘Kid Gloves’ from the album MCM. Lives in New Zealand, a great country, just don’t tell anyone. Self proclaimed “King of Melbourne”.

Stephen Ralph

Played violin on ‘Minimum Amount Of Fuss’ from MCM. Also on ‘You’re Not Welcome’, ‘Black Days’ and ‘Celebrity Hairdresser’ from WWRTB. An artist and cabinet maker. Used to play in the Perth band Car Thieves with Ivor.

Randall Lee

Played saxophone on ‘One Mans Home’ and ‘Up’ and maracas on ‘Let’s Stay In’ from the album WWRTB. Played some weird clicking noises on ‘Tastes Like Chicken’ from MCM. Another ex-member of The Canannes, his current band Ashtray Boy have been going for well over 10 years and have released god knows how many albums in 3, possibly 4 continents. High achiever.

Rod Grant

Played piano on ‘Hit the nail’ from WWRTB. Claims not to like any music written after 1950, thinks that this song is ‘alright’.

Russell Marks and Blair

The only photo we have of these 2 – so they’ll have to stay together. Russell played banjo on ‘Hit The Nail’ from WWRTB and sang in the choir on the same song. Blair played bass with us a few times in ’99 or so, when Gavin was busy. They, along with Ben Porteous, are from the Sydney band Dusted Eye who played a lot with Flywheel in the late ‘90’s. Oh the memories…

Sally Cameron

Sang backing vocals on ‘Opportunities’ from the album WWRTB. Yet another ex-member of The Cannanes. Sally was involved in a production of 'Hair' in Brisbane with brothers Ian and Greg Wadley over 20 years ago. It’s a small world.

Shintaro Kiyonari

Played guitar and bass when Flywheel toured Tokyo in 2001. Along with Michio, a member of that great Japanese band Smiley. Epitome of cool – Malborough Man of Tokyo.

Stephen O'Neil

Played guitar in Flywheel from ’95 to ’98. Better known as a Cannane – the band he’s been involved with for 20 years. Along with Gavin played in little known and gravely misunderstood late ‘70’s Canberra punk band Guthugga Pipeline. AKA Hairy.

Toby Dutton

Wrote ‘Minimum Amount Of Fuss’ and co-wrote, sang and played guitar on ‘Bunnings’ from MCM. Did the artwork for WWRTB. Currently playing guitar and singing with Flywheel. Loves typing. Sometimes known as Waxy.

Tony Dupé

Played weird clicking and creaking sounds on ‘Tastes Like Chicken’ from MCM. Engineered and mixed parts of MCM and WWRTB albums at his beautiful Geroa seaside haven. Member of Glovebox.