What To Look For In Summer, Karmic Hit, Australia 2006
(CD Album)
My Career Meltdown, Z and Zoe, France 2002 (10” Album)
Wrong Way ‘Round The Buffet, Blackbean and Placenta, U.S.A. 2000 (CD Album) 
Dirty On The Shovel, Spit and A Half, U.S.A. 1996 (CD Album)
Singles / EPs  
Holiday,‘Pigeon’, 'Holiday'. 'Further Afield'
Self Release, Coburg 2006 (3 song CD EP)
Aus Pop Series Volume 2,(With Blairmailer) ‘It’s Been A While’
Spit and a Half, U.S.A. 1994 (7” Split Single)
Duck Tape, Toytown, Melbourne 1994 (Cassette)
33 and a third Jacana Records, Melbourne 2006 (CD Comp of Covers)
‘Walking In Light’
Melbourne Water W. Minc, Melbourne 2004 (CD Compilation)
‘Down By Time’
Starring Nao, Rover, Japan 2001 (Cassette Compilation)
‘Mr Misery Guts’
 Zoephile, Z and Zoe, France 1999 (CD Compilation)
‘Suburban Plains’
‘One Mans Home’
‘Wit Of the Staircase’
 Exhibit B, Circumstantial Evidence, Sydney/Melbourne 1997 (Cassette Compilation)
Especially Friendly, Lap Dog, Sydney/Melbourne 1997 (CD Compilation)
‘The Waiting Game’