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None for a while...Miranda is on maternity leave, Toby's going overseas, Gavin is building "something" in his garage.


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News updated August 5th


Our long awaited 4th album “What to look for in Summer” is finally out and was launched in our home town of Melbourne not so long ago. We were joined by two great acts Popolice and Aleks and the Ramps, and, by jingo, it was a great night - back drops, bunting, party snacks and acrobatics. John Bannister was along for the ride with 'the horn' and blew us all off once again!

The Sydney launch at The Hopetoun Hotel went down a treat. Tim Kevin from La Huva played a fantastic set and The Cannanes were as amazing as ever.

We were lucky enough to get a few friends up on stage with us. Ben Porteous Flywheel’s old guitarist played a bit of harp and Steven Ralph who’s played on two past albums got up with his violin. Also JB who plays on the new album was in town and he wooed the audience with his mighty fine trumpet playing.

Tim Kevin@The Hopetoun

Everyone loves a T-shirt , but what about a Flywheel T-shirt designed by legendary cartoonist, David Nichols! Amazing! Not only amazing but true, pop fans. At the moment the T-shirt can be purchased exclusively at Flywheel gigs by approaching one of the friendly Flywheel guys, waving $15 in their face and saying 'Gimme!'

Desperately Seeking Ivor

Travelling around this big old country of ours with the Flywheel good time jug band I am always stopped in the street and asked questions about uncle Ivor. Although I played in the flywheel with Ivor for some years he remains an enigma to me. (Note: It has often puzzled me why enigmatic and mysterious characters in the movies are usually portrayed by brunettes when in real life it is the ginger who is so often the puzzle that can’t be solved; the enigma wrapped in a paradox; the question that beggars an answer) While most rock stars have to die to achieve iconic status Ivor simply packed his bags and went to Queensland for an extended holiday.

Fans, have any of you seen Ivor recently? If you saw him and asked him any of the following questions could you please let us here at the Flywheel online business unit know what the answers were? If you saw him but failed to ask him any questions could you find him again and find the answer to at least one of these questions?

, how did you get to Queensland and what did you do in Queensland?
Ivor, why did you go via Japan?
Ivor, what is your favourite cut of meat?
Ivor, did you really play the drums in a tank full of piranhas for the Senegalese royal family?
Ivor, why have human beings been unable to tame the kangaroo and harness it for the benefit of civilization?
Ivor, there were three men in an airplane that was about to crash and only one parachute. Who got the parachute?
Ivor, sandals or thongs?
Ivor, your old bass drum is in the garage at my mother-in-law’s house in the NSW southern tablelands and the snare drum is in a shed 17 km south-west of Braidwood and the floor tom is at James’s house. Why?

If you can supply answers to any of these questions please email flywheel. The most comprehensive answers will receive a prize of not one . . . not two . . . but three Ruff Buff CDs!!!!!


Other news...

...last seen playing on a bass called 'AHA' and having 'bass-offs' with the neighbours (and Brad*), we bring you Gavin.
Time to inject some fliperty bop bop boww into your life and a bit of be-dooba dooby doo as G. Roy fills us in on all things life-like with help from a machine.

Check out the latest 'Out On The Town With G. Roy Butler', Click his alter ego Bryan Brown to get savy with gavy......
(updated 11/05/06)

*Brad-(Bradley, B-Man, B-Rad): Bass player in the amazing New Estate. Likes Steven Stills.


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