SPILL music

Catalogue of releases

The Spill label specialized in compilations but also released albums by individual bands, sometimes in collaboration with other labels. The label part of Spill has wound down now and we're inclined to release music on the Internet.

Julian Williams 'Liquidambar'
Julian Williams 'Liquidambar'

Julian Williams

Liquidambar cd (Synaesthesia / Spill, 2008)

New Waver

Neuters cd (Dual Plover / Spill, 2006)

The Defeated cd (Endearing / Spill, 1999)


Egg, Pluto Pup and You cd (Dual Plover / Spill, 2005)

Bad Earth cd (Spill/Dual Plover/Freedom From, 2002)

Damage Begins at the Mouth (Dual Plover / Spill, 2000)

Volvox 'Bad Earth'
Volvox 'Bad Earth'

Hi God People

Play to the Temple of Depth (Spill, 2002)


The Possible Human cd (FTSM / Spill, 2001)


Indoors/Ogre/Silence (HWS / Spill, 1988)